3 Ways for Churches to Give Thanks on Social Media

November 24, 2016 Andrew Osborne

3 Ways for Churches to Give Thanks on Social Media.png

Happy Thanksgiving! There is so much for which we have as Christians to be thankful! Despite our best (worst) efforts, God continuously gives us undeserved grace because of Jesus sacrifice on the cross. While year after year, our world seems to us to be falling deeper into sin and depravity, we remain thankful that our hope is in Christ and His promise to make all things new again.

As church workers, we are privileged to get to share this message of thanksgiving with our congregations and communities. We share this message through all of our different forms of communication, whether in person, on paper, or across the digital world. Social media gives us church workers an extra opportunity to share with our congregations why we are so thankful, and there are a few easy ways to do so.


People love lists. According to an NPR article, one of the reasons that we love lists is because "we live in an era of overstimulation" and lists help us to keep a little bit of order. The hardest part about lists can be narrowing down all of the things we want to share.

We church workers can easily come up with lots of reasons we are thankful. Sharing some of these can help to remind the members of our congregations why we thank God endlessly for all He as given us. For example:

6 Reasons To Be Thankful

Shareable Graphics

As people scroll through their social media sites, they're much more likely to stop and look at a post if there is a good looking image. Not every church has a person on staff who has a degree in graphic design. There are however great tools, like Canva, that can help anyone create beautiful graphics. Church workers can share why they are thankful for their congregation using more than just words by simply using the tools and design elements that Canva provides.

 Create Beautiful Graphics Using Canva.com


If you really wanna take the easy/quick route, you can share the reasons you thank God with a video. You can either grab a camera or even just shoot the video on your smart phone. You can share the video on your social media site or even use a tool like Facebook Live to shoot right from your social media site. For more tips on how to use video, check out this other article.


 There are lots more ways to show how you are thankful! What are some of your ideas? Share in the comments!

Free Graphics Kit

Download this kit to share your thankfulness using the graphics from this article!

Download Your Free Graphics Kit

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