7 Church Communication Resolutions

January 3, 2017 Katy Munson

7 Church Communication Resolutions

Happy New Year! It’s 2017 and people are setting goals, making resolutions and sharing various ways they plan to better themselves in coming 12 months. Although I’m not necessarily one for making resolutions, I do appreciate the opportunity to take stock, do a little dreaming, and make a plan, particularly as it relates to serving in church communications.

In search of inspiration, I asked a few church communicators about their resolutions for 2017. Here’s what they shared:

Daniel RossRev. Daniel Ross

“One thing I want to do next year is to use my church’s social media accounts with consistency. In 2016 we were streaky. I would like to have 1 or 2 posts a week.” - Rev. Daniel Ross, Pastor of Christ Lutheran Church in Topeka, Kansas


Emilie FinkeEmilie Finke

“My resolution is to be a more honest and hopeful voice and to take measures to actually track results.” - Emilie Finke, Social Media & Women's Ministry at The Point in Knoxville, Tennessee


Rebecca ThomasRebecca Thomas

“I resolve to keep my posts unique. I will not post the same thing to Twitter, as to Facebook as to Instagram.” - Rebecca Thomas, Communications Director at Trinity Lutheran Church & School in Clinton Township, Michigan


Seth HinzSeth Hinz

“My resolution is to ask more questions, dig deeper into the needs of our constituents and discover how we can better serve and equip them.” - Seth Hinz, Assistant to the President—Web/Media for the Michigan District of the LCMS


Ann CiaccioAnn Ciaccio

“I’ve promised myself to expand my knowledge whenever possible for those opportunities that can impact my responsibilities. In other words, grow.” - Ann Ciaccio, Communications Assistant for the LCMS Northern Illinois District


Kimberly Myers

Kimberly Myers

“I resolve to make better use of my planning calendar. I want to start January by looking at the year to come, making an overall plan for how I'll budget my time and resources for 2017. Toward the end of each month, I will take stock of what did and didn't work well, and see how I should tweak things for the next month. My hope is that planning strategically and in advance will help me do more and better, without being stuck ‘putting out fires’ because I ran out of creativity, energy, or time at some point later in the year.” - Kimberly Myers,  Director of Communications for the Nebraska District LCMS


Katy MunsonKaty Munson

As for me, my communication resolution is to learn more about the art of storytelling and implement the technique in our congregation’s communication efforts. So hold me to it, folks! 


Resolutions run the gamut from revisiting existing goals, to trying something new, to learning and growing in a particular skill set. They can easily become a burden or source of anxiety, but resolutions can also motivate and clarify. Experts say one of the tricks to actually keeping a new year’s resolution is to talk about it. So, if you have communication resolution for 2017, share it with your co-workers, your family, and others in your professional community. 

Whether you resolve to improve your social media skills, take part in professional development, change a habit or two, or to do away with resolving altogether, take some time this new year to reflect and refocus. Focus on what God has done through Jesus to rescue and redeem a sinful and fallen world and reflect on what a joy it is to be part of sharing His hope through our vocations as church communicators.

 Did you make any communication resolutions this year? Be sure to share them in the comments below!

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