Maximize Your Office Space to Increase Productivity

November 3, 2016

Maximize Your Office Space to Increase Productivity

Achieving productivity in the church office may seem to be as elusive for you as a World Series victory is for the Chicago Cubs. But just as they showed everyone last night, it is actually possible.

The way your church office is set up can make a big difference in the efficiency of your work. Consider some of the following suggestions to maximize your office space.

Make Your Greeter Visible

Whether the secretary, office manager, or a volunteer, the person who greets visitors throughout the day should be visible as soon as someone enters the building. If not, visitors not only feel uncomfortable as they wander, but they will most likely interrupt others to ask for directions.

Organize & Label Supplies

Create two places for office supplies: one for supplies in use and another for storage. Cabinet and drawer labels can also help save time in trying to remember where specific supplies are stored.

Set up Trays for In-Process Tasks

Tiered trays allow you to easily separate tasks that are incoming, in process, and outgoing. The visual separation alone allows you to determine how much work is to be done.

File Sparingly

There is a common phrase in physics that says, “Nature abhors a vacuum.” In other words, “If there is empty space, it will be filled.” Does every piece of paper you currently have in your files really need to be there? If you were to limit how many files you have, would you only file what truly must be filed?

Meet Away from Your Desk

If you have empty chairs near your desk, unexpected guests feel welcome to sit and stay awhile. Rather, set up a space for sitting and talking somewhere away from your working space. This way, you can easily invite a guest to sit and chat when you’re available to meet.

Get a Bigger Desk or Unclutter Your Space

A large desk allows you to spread out your work and look at it collectively. If purchasing a new desk is not an option, what can you remove from your desk to clear up more space? Sometimes even getting a bigger desk just means more space for clutter. Restrict the urge to fill empty space just because it’s there.

Two Monitors is Twice as Nice

In many business environments, dual monitors are becoming commonplace because of the increased efficiency gained by employees. The more monitors, the more space for multiple documents, browsers, and such to be open at the same time. 

This blog post is an excerpt from the ebook “51 Ideas to Make Your Church Office Hum.” To learn more ways to increase productivity and efficiency in your church office, download the ebook by clicking the button below!


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