How to Swap Sticky Notes for Online To-Do Lists

February 8, 2016

How to Swap Sticky Notes for Online to Do Lists

If I don’t write down that I have to do something, I will immediately forget it. No joke. Whether it’s homework assignments, work duties, or personal chores, if it doesn’t get written down, it doesn’t get done.

I used to clutter my laptop, desk, and planner with sticky notes in an attempt to organize my life, but eventually they began to overlap. I couldn’t decipher the priority or the meaning behind the writing on all those yellow squares. The overlapping, jumbled clumps of sticky notes became a metaphor for my unorganized life.

Since then, I’ve tried what seems like every method of organization, but online to-do lists have become my lifeline. A few stand out from the rest:

1. Todoist

This site’s design is clean and simple, making it “distraction-free” as their site says. You can download their app, syncing your lists from your computer to your smartphone so you can update your list wherever you are. You can also share lists with others, allowing you to create tasks for your coworkers or family.

2. Wunderlist

This site is similar to Todoist, except with a few key differences. Wunderlist allows you to set reminders and due dates for tasks and categorize your lists so you can easily separate your personal and work to-do lists. And, if you prefer hard copies, there’s an option to print your lists.

3.  Simplified Planner App

I am obsessed with this app. Unfortunately, it’s currently only available for iPhone (an iPad version is coming soon), but if you always have your smartphone in your hand, it’s a lifesaver. There’s meal planning for each day of the week, a notes section, and a daily inspirational quote each day! It does cost $5.99, but it’s well worth it if you use your phone for everything. Plus, it’s beautiful.

4. Outlook

If you use Outlook for your email service, you can also use their to-do list feature. It’s called Tasks, and you can assign a specific task a due date, start/end date, priority, status, and reminder. Tasks will sync with your calendar, and you can send tasks to others. Outlook is the easiest way to keep your work team on the same page.

Pastors and church offices can track congregational information in church management software to keep information in one place. Some, like Shepherd's Staff, have a task manager feature to help you stay orgranized.

Whether you are looking to organize your life, optimize your time, or just rid yourself of sticky notes, online to-do lists provide an effortless way to keep your life structured and planned.

Between your personal, work, and volunteer responsibilities, your life can become overwhelming, keeping all your to-dos in one place makes life a little bit easier. Checking off a task, sharing a job, or organizing your day has never been easier.

Plus, your desk will be cleaner, too.


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