New Themes and Presets

October 19, 2016 Anna Johnson


This week we released two new themes and expanded on the preset options in Church360° Unite. To view these themes and presets, log-in as an admisitrator and click on the Themes tab in the Admin bar.

Material Theme

The Material theme keeps things clean and bright with a tidy design. It’s designed with mobile use in mind and allows for a comfortable number of pages or categories in your navigation list. This theme was created based on Google's material design principles.

Material Theme Example

Wonderful Cross Theme

The Wonderful Cross theme encourages an artistic, yet clean style. You may choose from a variety of headers or upload your own. This theme is designed to be mobile-friendly and supports a comfortable number of navigation pages or categories.

Wonderful Cross Theme Example

Additional Presets

We've also refined presets for each theme! To preview these presets, log in as an administrator and then go to the Themes tab. To see an enlarged preview of each preset, click and hold on the desired preset until the enlarged image appears. Release your click to return to the main Themes view.

 Presets preview

We hope that you enjoy these new themes and presets for Church360° Unite! If you have any other questions or comments, please contact our support team at or 1.800.346.6120.

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