Additional Security Feature: SSL Encryption

November 20, 2015 Amanda Lansche


In the ever-changing world of online security, it’s important to regularly update! Our developers are constantly researching and implementing new features in Church360° Unite to keep your site safe. This update adds an extra layer of protection with SSL.

The security measure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) creates an encrypted connection, preventing private information from being accessible to those who shouldn’t see it. If you are using a public wifi network (or if the people at your church can access the same wifi used by the church office), SSL security prevents others from being able to access the data you see in your web browser.

This is especially important for confidential information that requires a login on your website, such as contact information in the church directory or discussions on private group pages. We’ve had SSL on the sign in page for a long time, but we've rolled it out to the pages past the sign in page too.

With this change, you’ll notice that the URL is slightly different once you login as an administrator or member. A custom URL like will become (i.e., but only when the user is logged in.

The custom URL will still appear for every page on the public side of your website, so visitors and members  navigating to your site and viewing all of the public pages will still seeing the custom URL. It will only change if the user logs into the site with their username and password.

Thats it! Your site is now more secure than ever. Keep that feedback coming and contact us with any questions using the Information Center in Unite, by calling 800.346.6120, or at

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