Making Their First Visit to Your Church Less Awkward

August 3, 2015

Making their First Visit to Your Church Less Awkward

Awkward situations are... well... awkward. Nobody likes these moments, whether it's watching someone show up late or hearing a person call someone else by the wrong name. These situations become even more awkward when you're directly involved and become almost unbearable when you're experiencing them alone.

By nature, people tend to avoid anything that makes them uncomfortable. Going to a new place where they know few or no people can be a nerve-racking experience.

Unfortunately, this is why many people never visit your church. You can alleviate any apprehension a visitor might have by using your church website to make their first visit easy and inviting.

Display information clearly and concisely

What are the service times? How long does a service last? Is there a Sunday School hour? Is one worship service more traditional than another? Do the men wear suits and ties, or are jeans the norm? Think about the questions you would have if you were to visit a new church, and make sure your website provides clear and concise answers so visitors can know what to expect. If possible, include video interviews of some of your newest members about their experiences at your church.

Clearly state what your church believes

What your church preaches and believes should be explained in detail on your website. Many who are new to the faith are not yet sure what they believe, and this can serve as a teaching tool for them. If applicable, visit your denomination’s website to see if they have resources available to help you develop this page.

Tell visitors where to park

Point your visitors to the main entrance, especially if your church has multiple entrances. Show a picture of your church’s main entrance to give visitors a visual cue of where they should go. Show an aerial view of your parking lot from an online map service to give people an idea of the lay of the land.

Take visitors on a virtual tour

Many churches expand and add on to their building over the years. Take photos of important landmarks within the building to give visitors an idea of where they should go and what they’ll see. If your church is large, consider including a downloadable building map that visitors can print off and bring with them.

Include FAQs

Many people are afraid of doing the wrong thing—something that would draw unwanted attention to themselves during worship. Set minds at easy by explaining whether your worship is traditional or contemporary, what the service is like, the expected dress code, whether there’s a nursery, how long the services last, and so on.

This blog post is an excerpt from our ebook "9 Strategies for Engaging Visitors With Your Church Website." To download this free ebook and get more tips on how to optimize your church website, click the button below!



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