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November 20, 2015 Amanda Lansche


Your Church360° Members account has all the contact information you need, right? Well, now you can import that information directly into the default contacts app on your iOS, Android, or Windows mobile device!

The CardDAV sync feature allows you to import your members' information and set it up to regularly sync with your Church360° Members account, ensuring that you always have up-to-date contact information at your fingertips.

The information fields you can import from Members will depend on your device's platform; please refer to this chart for details.


To get started, follow the directions below depending on what kind of mobile device you use.






  1. Download the CardDAV Sync app from the Google Play store
    • You can download either the free or paid version of this app
  2. Open the app
  3. Select Add Account
  4. Select CardDAV
  5. Enter your Church360° Members credentials:
  6. Tap Finish
  7. A confirmation screen will appear where you can change the account setting for how often the app will sync with the server (the default is every 24 hours)
  8. The sync will take 2 to 10 minutes




  1. Go to your People app
  2. Go to Set up Account
  3. Tap Add an Account
  4. Select iCloud
  5. Enter your Church360° Members credentials:
    • Email Address
    • Password
  6. The sync will fail (this is supposed to happen!) and you'll receive an error message that it’s not up to date
    • If the sync passes, that’s ok. Skip down to step 10.
  7. Tap the error message, which will bring up futher explanation of the issue
  8. Tap Close at the bottom of this view
  9. This opens a new screen will all of the sync information
  10. Make sure the login information is still correct
  11. Deselect the Calendars check box
  12. Tap Advanced Settings at the bottom of the view
  13. Where it says in the contacts server field, enter your Church360 Members server address (
  14. It will say “syncing” for 2 to 10 minutes
*This feature is only supported in Windows 8.1 or higher.


Additional Notes

  • For all devices, the default setting will sync with Church360° Members every 24 hours.
  • When you remove a CardDAV account from your device, all the information that was brought in with the sync will be deleted.
  • Once you’ve imported the contacts into your device, any changes you make on your device will not affect your Members database. If you need to update an individual or household, you’ll need to login to Members on your desktop or using the mobile site to make that change.
  • Importing all of your contacts from Members might mean a lot of new contacts, depending on the size of your church. Grouping your contacts is a great way to handle the influx of information. Android and Windows devices allow you to group contacts; for iOS users, the free app Connect will allows you to group contacts.
  • If you use Android 4.1 or any Samsung device and you choose to download the paid version of the CardDAV Sync app, you will also need to download a free, secondary workaround app through the Google Play store to fix a bug. This app is called “JB Workaround CardDAV-Sync” and it should be downloaded, installed, and left on your phone if you choose to use the paid version of the CardDAV Sync app. It will prevent these synced contacts from getting deleted when you update the app or the phone itself.

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