Renumbering Offering Envelopes

October 8, 2014 Peter Frank

Now that we are in the last quarter of 2014, most churches are beginning to think about updating their offering envelopes.

Step #1: Know who is receiving offering envelopes in your congregation.

Whether your church gives offering envelopes to members, contributing members, or to only those who request them, create a smart group to match your method. Here are a few examples:

Smart Group Name: Offering Envelopes (every confirmed member)

  • Who are living
  • Whose status is “member”
  • Who were confirmed ever

Smart Group Name: Offering Envelopes (contributed in past 12 months)

  • Who are living
  • Whose status is “member”
  • Who have contributed in the last 12 months

Smart Group Name: Offering Envelopes (requested)

  • Who are living
  • Whose tags contain “Uses Offering Envelopes”

Step #2: Change offering envelope numbers individually or all at once.

  • Under Offerings, click on “Envelopes,” and then choose the Smart Group you just created.
  • Choose the date on which your members will start using the new envelopes.
    Note: Communicate this date to your members and distribute the envelopes as close to this date as possible.
  • Review the list of potential contributors.
    • Anyone who is eligible to contribute jointly will have a blank check box to the far right with a label that says “Contributes jointly.” This should be checked unless the person has told you otherwise.
    • If there are people on the list who should not be included, then your Smart Group criteria may not be correct.
  • Click the Clear button to remove all existing numbers.
  • Go to the field called “Automatically renumber envelopes starting with” and enter the first new offering envelope numbers and click "Renumber." The new numbers will be added to the contributors.
  • Review the list, make any manual changes, and click "Save." Each contributor will have a new number as of the date indicated.

Step #3: Choose whether to print labels for each set of offering envelopes.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the "All" link to the far left. This will indicate that you are printing labels for all contributors.
  • Click the Mailing Labels button and select your mailing template and click Download. This will generate a PDF of the labels.
    Note: When printing the labels, make sure the “Page Scaling” is set to None. Depending on your browser, it could also say “Fit to page,” which should be unchecked.
  • Apply the mailing label to each offering envelope box and distribute to the appropriate members.

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