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January 27, 2016 Amanda Lansche

Church360° Members Updates

We’ve added a new, searchable Event Log to Church360° Members so that you can see what other users have changed in individual, household, or event records. It even tracks changes made through Church360° Unite!

Accessing the Event Log

Administrators can now access the new, searchable Event Log, which presents a full list of actions users have taken in individual, household, or event records in Church360° Members.

To view the Event Log, you must be signed in with administrator-level permissions. Go to the Settings icon and choose Event Log from the bottom of the list.


What the Event Log Records

  • When: The date and time the change was made, shown in a timeline format
  • Application: The Church360 application where the change was made
    • Changes made in Church360° Members will leave this column blank
    • Changes made in Church360° Unite will show the application logo
  • User: The person who made the change
  • Record: The individual, household, or event record that was changed
  • Description: A short description of what was changed
    • Note that batch edits will show a summary of the actions taken
  • Restore: This button appears when a user deletes a person or an event where attendance or offering was taken, allowing you to restore the record if needed

Church360 Members Event Log

If you are a Church360° Unite user, the Event Log feature will be implemented soon so you can track this information in both applications.


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