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June 15, 2016 Anna Johnson



We've modified the Church Directory to allow for different entry styles and grouping by custom fields. You can also choose to print one, grouped directory, or a separate directory for each custom field group.

Choosing an Entry Style

When you go to create a directory for individuals or households, you will now see that there are three different options for entry styles. You can choose to include contact information with phone numbers, contact information with phone numbers and emails, or photos alone. 

Choosing an Entry Style.gif

Group by Custom Field

You are now able to group entries by an individual or household custom field. For example, if you wanted to organize your household directory by Elder Group, you could select the "Group by" option and select your Elder Group custom field. 

To learn more about creating and updating custom fields, check out this blog post.

Grouping byCustom Field

Grouped Directory vs Separate Directories

If you choose to Group by Custom Field, you have two different options for printing. You may print one directory, grouped or print separate directories for each group. The single, grouped directory will probably be most useful for internal use by your church office staff. The separate directory option might be helpful when distributing to your ministry leaders. For example, if you created separate Elder Group directories, you could distribute a uniqe list of parishioners for each Elder, without giving them other Elder's parishioner information.

Grouped Directory or Separate Files


Include Cross References

For household directories, we've also added an "Include cross-referencs" option. This will allow you to cross reference entries in your directory for people whose last name differs from that of the rest of their family. This feature was incorporated to help churches who may have individuals in blended families.

Include Cross References.gif


We hope that you enjoy these updates to the Church Directory! If you have any questions or comments, please contact our support team at or 800.346.6120.

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