Editing Transactions

July 2, 2014 Peter Frank

It’s bound to happen: You’re adding a transaction, you make a typo, and you don’t realize it until after you have saved the transaction.

When we developed Church360° Ledger, we wanted to make it easy to correct mistakes but difficult for anyone with ill intentions to manipulate actual transactions. We came up with a solution: give users an experience of changing a transaction, but create a new offsetting transaction in the background.

Here’s how to edit a transaction:

  1.     Go to an account profile screen.
  2.     Click on the transaction you would like to edit.
  3.     Change the appropriate information (date, accounts, or dollar amounts) to what they should be.
  4.     If changing the amount, be sure to change both sides of the transaction.
  5.     Click "Save."

That transaction will appear as if it has changed, but a new transaction has actually been created. This new transaction offsets the original transaction according to the changes you have made.

The new transaction will be linked to the old transaction, indicated by a small arrow to the right of the amount. When you click on the arrow, it will show the change applied to the transaction. When not clicked, the transaction will show the final results, or the corrected transaction. These changes are all tracked in the event log so that they can be properly audited if needed.

Church360 Ledger Edit Transactions


If you need any help editing a transaction, please contact our software support team at support@cts.cph.org or (800) 346-6120.

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Peter Frank

Peter Frank serves as Senior Marketing Manager of Church Supplies at Concordia Publishing House. A graduate of Concordia University Wisconsin, his background in theology, business, and computers gives him a unique perspective on technology in the church. Married and the father of two children, he is frequently humbled when his 18-month-old shows him new things on the iPad.

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